Oregon's Climate Champion for Congress in 2022.

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Doyle Canning is taking a stand for Oregon's future.


Doyle is a community organizer, attorney, mother and proven progressive leader. For 20 years, she has been building movements for strong climate solutions, working families, racial justice, immigrant rights, homes for all, environmental restoration, and more – advocating in Congress for legislation to move our progressive priorities forward. Now Doyle is running for Congress because she believes that everyone deserves clean air and drinking water, a stable climate future, health care, a safe place to live, and options for education and employment - and that these priorities can’t wait. She has spent 20 years standing up to Wall Street Banks, big polluters, billionaires and the politicians they pay for. Doyle will provide bold leadership in Congress, and she will never take a dime from corporate PACs or the fossil fuel industry. She always has been, and always will be, on our side in the fight for a better future.

During the worst days of the pandemic, Doyle was deep in the fight for workers’ rights, bringing the ground truth stories of frontline workers into the headlines, and the halls of Congress. She joined the team to take on the fight for virus protections, respect on the job, sick leave, and fair pay for essential workers at the nation’s largest private employers, Amazon and Walmart, at the labor rights organization United for Respect. Her work for UFR included producing high profile hearings with the office of Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders on the Raise the Wage Act for a $15 federal minimum wage, with Senator Elizabeth Warren in the Senate HELP Committee on the impact of private equity buyouts on American workers and communities, and Warren’s signature Stop Wall Street Looting Act. Doyle also advised the Worker Power Coalition to Pass the PRO Act, which protects and expands the right to collective bargaining for working people, and the Always Essential Coalition, advocating in Congress and at the White House for stronger protections for workers from COVID-19.

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For 20 years, Doyle Canning has been building the progressive movement as a community organizer and attorney, fighting for working people and protecting our planet.

Now she is running to represent Oregon’s newly redrawn 4th District in Congress, which leans solidly Democratic. Canning refuses contributions from big corporations and the fossil fuel industry and with your support, will bring our progressive priorities to Washington.