About Doyle

Mother · Fighter · Climate Champion · Democrat


Doyle Canning is taking a stand for Oregon's future.

Doyle is a community organizer, attorney, mother and proven progressive leader. For 20 years, she has been building movements for strong climate solutions, working families, racial justice, immigrant rights, homes for all, environmental restoration, and more – advocating in Congress for legislation to move our progressive priorities forward. Now Doyle is running for Congress because she believes that everyone deserves clean air and drinking water, a stable climate future, health care, a safe place to live, and options for education and employment - and that these priorities can’t wait. She has spent 20 years standing up to Wall Street Banks, big polluters, billionaires and the politicians they pay for. Doyle will provide bold leadership in Congress, and she will never take a dime from corporate PACs or the fossil fuel industry. She always has been, and always will be, on our side in the fight for a better future.

During the worst days of the pandemic, Doyle was deep in the fight for workers’ rights, bringing the ground truth stories of frontline workers into the headlines, and the halls of Congress. She joined the team to take on the fight for virus protections, respect on the job, sick leave, and fair pay for essential workers at the nation’s largest private employers, Amazon and Walmart, at the labor rights organization United for Respect. Her work for UFR included producing high profile hearings with the office of Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders on the Raise the Wage Act for a $15 federal minimum wage, with Senator Elizabeth Warren in the Senate HELP Committee on the impact of private equity buyouts on American workers and communities, and Warren’s signature Stop Wall Street Looting Act. Doyle also advised the Worker Power Coalition to Pass the PRO Act, which protects and expands the right to collective bargaining for working people, and the Always Essential Coalition, advocating in Congress and at the White House for stronger protections for workers from COVID-19.

Doyle speaking at a Sunrise event

​In this Congress, Doyle has also advocated for critical climate investments in President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda, advising Greenpeace on strategies to end Congressional giveaways to the fossil fuel industry, hold the line for “No Climate, No Deal” in Congress, and champion voting rights in the Senate as crucial in the fight for environmental justice. Doyle is a well known leader and strategist in the national climate movement, and has advised many leading climate organizations, including Oil Change International, Rainforest Action Network, Powershift, Physicians for Social Responsibility, Building Equity and Alignment for Environmental Justice, the California Climate Justice Alliance, and OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon.

As the elected Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon Environmental Caucus, Doyle has shaped our Party’s platform on the environment and climate change, and led grassroots campaigns to advance climate action in Oregon, and with our Congressional delegation. Doyle was an outspoken champion for Oregon in the fight to stop the Pacific Connector Pipeline and Jordan Cove LNG Terminal, unafraid to call out members of her own party for their support of this destructive fossil fuel project. Doyle is an influential force in environmental politics, with her Ted Talk on the Green New Deal and widely cited legal analysis on the illegalities in Trump’s pro-fossil fuel executive order, and her two decades of experience advocating for our earth. Doyle co-founded the Center for Story-based Strategy and co-authored Re:Imagining Change, a book about how to use stories to change the world.​

She has shaped climate change strategies around the world, from grassroots organizing in southern Oregon to stop Jordan Cove, to influencing agendas at the global UNFCCC Climate talks, to supporting groundbreaking litigation and fiercely advocating for climate justice in Congress.

Doyle’s sense of solidarity and community was shaped at an early age, as a survivor of domestic violence. When the police refused to help her mother, neighbors protected Doyle and her mom. Doyle learned very young that when the system fails us, we do not accept the failure, but look out for each other, and fight for a better system. She also found tremendous  solace in nature, and grew up in the great outdoors, which shaped her strong commitment to the natural world. Doyle’s mother was a strong role model, and some of her earliest memories are of protests against nuclear power, war in Central America, and Apartheid. As a teen, Doyle’s mom opened their home to those in need, hosting immigrants settling in the US. Those childhood experiences laid the groundwork for who she is today: someone who believes deeply in the power of community, racial justice, and fighting for what’s right.


Doyle is an alumna of the University of Oregon School of Law, where she studied climate change and environmental law as a fellow at the Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics and the Environmental and Natural Resources Law Center. She graduated third in her class and is now a member of the Oregon State Bar. While in law school, Doyle clerked for EarthJustice, supporting litigation against the Trump administration’s assault on environmental protection, and for U.S. Federal District Court Judge Ann Aiken in Eugene on the historic Juliana v. United States Constitutional climate case. 

Doyle and her husband Justin decided to return to the Southern Willamette Valley to raise their two children. They reside in South Eugene with an adopted Black Labrador Retriever. They also own and manage a small timber property in rural Lane County where they enjoy bird watching, hiking, and tracking wildlife.