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April 25, 2022

Voters need to read where the candidates stand on Jordan Cove and climate change. Doyle Canning is the progressive climate champion in the race and is endorsed by leading climate organizations. She led the fight against the Jordan Cove fossil fuel pipeline, bringing people together to stand up for Oregon. She also worked for Greenpeace to replace federal fossil fuel subsidies with investments in green energy. Doyle will never take a dime from fossil fuel companies or corporate PACs. Voters need to read about Val Hoyle’s record on climate change and Jordan Cove. Val took thousands of dollars from fossil fuel companies and lobbyists and supported the Jordan Cove pipeline. Now, Val’s campaign is backed by billionaire super PACs who are also working to elect Republicans. When it comes to climate change, the difference between the leading candidates is clear.

Doyle Canning For Congress - OR 4

Doyle Canning

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